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VA says more than 57,000 patients are waiting for first visit

According to the Washington Post, The Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday that more than 57,000 former troops have waited at least 90 days for their first VA medical appointments and another 64,000 enrolled in the department’s health system during the past decade have never visited a doctor in the network.

About 13 percent of VA schedulers said they were told to falsify appointment-request dates to give the impression that wait times were shorter than they really were, according to the department.

The information comes from the agency’s internal audit of 731 VA medical centers. The VA released the findings on Monday.

Monday’s report came less than two weeks after the VA inspector general’s office confirmed recent allegations that VA hospitals have falsified appointment records to hide treatment delays. Monday’s findings from the VA shed light on the depth of the problem and substantiate claims that rank-and-file employees were directed to manipulate scheduling records.

Read the article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2014/06/09/va-says-more-than-57000-patients-waiting-for-first-visit/

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