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IRS Targeting: Must watch, Catherine Engelbrecht’s Testimony at House of Representatives Hearing.

Catherine Engelbrecht’s Testimony at House of Representatives Hearing on IRS Targeting ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxcMKtsm5BU )

dontlettheirsThe IRS is currently considering new rules to limit the free speech of the very same groups it illegally targeted. In short, the Obama Administration is trying to do through regulatory fiat what it was unable to legally do before: limit the First Amendment rights of Americans.

The IRS is required to accept and publish comments from the public. Please click here to make your voice heard.

Immediately following the IRS’s admission of targeting conservative groups, President Obama pledged to work “hand in hand” with Congress to learn the truth and ordered the Department of Justice to conduct a criminal investigation. However, since then, the Administration has stonewalled any meaningful investigation, no one has been indicted and it has been reported that the FBI does not plan to file criminal charges. Even a top IRS official directly involved in the targeting has been able to avoid testifying before Congress, temporarily received paid leave, and eventually quietly retired.

Below is the letter Sen. Cruz sent to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for a special prosecutor to investigate IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative groups:

Letter from Sen. Ted Cruz to Attorney General Eric Holder


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