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Arizona School Board Unanimously Votes to Bring Prayer Back to Public Meetings

(Christian News Net) MESA, Ariz. – A school board in Arizona has voted unanimously to reinstate prayers at public meetings after voting just two months ago to replace the invocations with a moment of silence.

The five-member Mesa school board agreed without dissent to invite clergy from all religions to participate in a new pre-meeting program, according to The Republic.

The vote, held on Tuesday, reversed a decision in November that replaced prayer with a moment of silence. Reports state that the board was initially fearful of losing a lawsuit if the prayers were challenged in court.

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had pressured the board last year to discontinue the prayers following a complaint from an unidentified resident.

“Public school boards may not include prayer as part of their scheduled meetings,” the organization wrote in a letter last October. “Federal courts have struck down school board practices that include this religious ritual. Prayer at public school board meetings is unnecessary, inappropriate, and divisive.”

But a number of citizens complained that the prayers had been discontinued, and urged school officials to stand strong.

“MPS has always stood for the solid traditional (and, yes, Christian) values that this country was founded on. Unfortunately, the culture that has defined America’s greatness is eroding into political correctness,” resident Harry Scott emailed to the board following the decision. “Please summon up the courage to stand firm. The district needs prayer now more than ever.”

Read more: http://christiannews.net/2014/01/19/arizona-school-board-unanimously-votes-to-bring-prayer-back-to-public-meetings/



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