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US DOJ Cancels School Board Meeting Amid Protests Over Common Core Book

US DOJ Cancels School Board Meeting Amid Protests Over Common Core Book.

There is a controversy brewing in Volusia County, Florida over a particular textbook
used to teach World History in the high school.

Prentice Hall, World History textbook was discussed by Todd Sterns on Sean
Hannity’s show. It includes 36 pages devoted to Islam and a major chapter, but
no chapters on any other religion. Prentice Hall is owned by Pearson.

The book was selected by Volusia County schools because it was aligned to
Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). These mandated
standards are established by the Florida Department of Education and are phase
III of the Common Core. The Next Generation Label is used by the Common Core
Consortia for the Science and Social Studies standards the are intended to follow
the adoption of Math and English language Common Core standards.

Parents had planned to protest at the school board’s meeting, but the meeting was cancelled in the interest of public safety. The school district was contacted by the United States Department of Justice over safety concerns due to the parent protest and had the school board cancel the meeting. This shows the degree of federal control over the implementation of the Common Core curriculum.

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