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Obama Orders EBT SNAP Payments To End Immediately, No November Benefits, Expect Riots

Update 10/16/13 12:20 am:  North Carolina is first state to cut welfare amid federal shutdown

Fox 13 in Utah reports on a letter that was received by The Crossroads Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Federal Government is threatening to cut food off to the millions of Americans who are dependent upon the EBT system for their survival. States across the nation are being advised by the Feds to stop the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments as of November first, pending further notice. This move is supposedly in response to the “government shutdown” but it certainly seems to be an escalation in Obama policies of forcing his will by creating difficulties for the American people.

Please support your local food pantry in need of assistance.






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2 Comments on “Obama Orders EBT SNAP Payments To End Immediately, No November Benefits, Expect Riots”

  1. Kathy Courtney October 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    This is b.s. And it was not obama to implant free phones it was Bush you people need to do your homework cutting off foodstamps to the people that are sick or have to feed their children are crazy ,why do these politicians get paid so dam much for creating chaos this is all political bs i hve cancer i dont do drugs worked all my life for the little help i get from the goverment . Stop paying cogress so much money stop giving past presidents paychecks or at least lower them!!!!!! This is not righ i supported 3 children and now and was a waitress for 38 Years Until I got sick. This is ubsured!!!!!!!! While comgress is eating steak i eat chop meat i love the way all the people say free stuff from the goverment I worked for it.whats next stop child support because men and some wemon dont want to pay for their kids.if my grandkids dont have food next month thay wont go to school i have a close nit family that was middle class untill bush got in office you all in the goverment have to much power you not god.

  2. Shauna October 17, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    Question is.. What are families suppose to do ? those who depend on this will go hungry.. WTF NOW Obama ????,…. COME ON GIVE ME SOMETHING!

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