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Planned Parenthood endorses post-birth abortion- Video

Planned Parenthood lobbyist testifies against born-alive infants protection act.

Hopefully this will open some eyes about the true nature of the Planned Parenthood that is behind all the slick marketing campaigns.
They oppose babies who are born during botched abortions being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.

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4 Comments on “Planned Parenthood endorses post-birth abortion- Video”

  1. Kristie Dixon March 30, 2013 at 2:20 am #

    Post-birth abortion? So ANY murderer can get off scott-free by using the statement, “it was post-birth abortion”…..Planned Parenthood may fool mankind, but GOD IS WATCHING!!! You WILL answer to a higher power.

  2. kansascase March 30, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    Well, I did have an update for you, but then, I checked into the new update and lost it all. I will make it shorter this time. Yes, I have been battling and Yes, the Veterans and many active duty military are Hell Bent in bringing down this regime. I will not attempt to stop it as it is just and if they choose to die for Freedom, then I will honor their request. If and when I find out about it, I will choose to go, not because I can fight, but not only to give them something worth fighting for but for providing for their comfort. It was Christ that set-us Free from the shackles and we were told not to be bound again – Galation 5:1, I think. I am getting good at this, huh? I have been sharing bit and pieces more of my story – particularly like today. People are literally starved for the Hope that Christ can provide. It lifts them Up. They want it and they like it. And, the only issue with me giving them everything they want is that I would expect that I would put away in a mental award. Shock treatments are still an ongoing. What good could I do if an agnostic psychiatrist, chosen by Obama and crew, imprisoned me? They have imprisoned 30 from Benghanzi still – they did nothing wrong either. Colonel West is fully aware of what is going on and since he, also is being challenged, he can’t afford to end up in jail. We will get this done, but it has to be done by the means and method of the Father – He Leads. It is not yet time. I suspect it will be, but war will be a last resort. I don’t think I can fix what is wrong in Washington even I healed every sinner on the White House steps. More people need to come to this on their own and through my writing, your programs, churches, etc. and when it really hits their pocket book, everybody will pay attention. The sooner they start taxing and demanding money for healthcare – the sooner this will come to a head. I have written both Reid and Boehner about the “Day of Judgment” Coming and asked them what were they going to tell the Father about enslaving the people? Yes, I have received photos of a white horse, and yes I have received “Jesus, Help Save America.” And, that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am sure there are some that think that it could come faster, but, man does have free will. People must come to Jesus with open hearts and they must ask for forgiveness of their sins. I cannot make anybody do that. I can tell great stories of love, and lift them upward, but there are many sinners – most in Washington and Chicago 🙂 I have been going into the places of evil and the enemy – like MSN and others and I have been writing and writing. I have to do this respectfully and carefully although they do not provide me with the same courtesy. There is so little logic or common sense. It is like Obama has cast some kind of “spell” over them and it is not so easy to break – I have to keep planting seeds all over Hell and hopefully, others will become behind me and throw a bit of water on it. Remember, I told you that we barely won the spiritual war and now it shows just how close it really was. Ultimately, we will triumph and we already have. When a government orders so many guns or bullets, they are afraid of the People, it is not the other way around. And, I think, maybe, they should be. They have and will try fear but that only works so long. After we have won this battle, the People will be so happy, that there will a positive force like you have never seen. When people become close to loosing something very important to them, they will cherish it after it is done. There are a lot of positives going on – books on Christ, movies on Christ, etc. Many people are doing a lot and taking a lot of chances. My own husband understands the possibilities of he and I, and I have brought this on to him. Of course, it is a lot harder on him than myself. It will be okay, I just hope that there are not too many people to get hurt or dead. What do I see? I see myself in a witness protection program – never again to know my family and never again to have my name. Of course, it can be also be death and although I am fine with that, not so much with hubby. Love that man, but I fear he is weakening as I gather strength. Again, I say to you, it will be okay. All of us “in the Spirit” are on it. I belong to the USA. We need a lot of patriotism right now too. Keep in touch, say Hi to John. I have not deserted him or my role. I am “on the job” night and day and think of you all often.

  3. henrymoore March 30, 2013 at 4:43 am #

    The best she can do is say the reason she objects is in the case of a rural setting? That is pretty pathetic, especially as a reason to snuff out a life. I wonder, do rural babies have less rights than urban babies? And if so, what kind of rural area has an abortion provider but no hospital anyways? Sounds dystopian.

  4. Badger Pundit March 31, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Much more comprehensive video of the March 25 hearing (including damning remarks by the Planned Parenthood lobbyist in her prepared statement, and the views of the bill’s sponsor & of several legislators) here:

    Direct YouTube link here:

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