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Union protesters in Michigan shove supporters of Right-to-Work. Americans for Prosperity-Michigan State Director dedicates Right-to-Work legislation for Andrew Breitbart.


Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/12/08/Get-Your-Fcking-Teeth-Knocked-Out-Union-Goons-Scream-Down-Demonstrator-Honoring-Breitbart


  1. kansascase December 10, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    Okay, I think it is time for a reality check with a bit of common sense. Besides Obama, Unions and particularly large Unions are passe. The reason is simple. Beginning with President Bush and going forward, this Country has been losing money. Some is due to corruption without a doubt, most of it is due to massive overspending by the government in programs that have failed to produce and some is due to the requirements and contracts that have been made with Unions. The issue of Unions is that, for all practical purposes, there is just not enough money to comply with their demands. I am thinking of Twinkies as I write this. In order for any company to exist, it has to make money. If it can’t make money, then it will go overseas or shut down. Unions really have no power to negotiate anything – this Country is way beyond that. When a State is a Right-to-Work State, then those that do want to work and are willing to settle for less salary and less benefits to feed their family, will have a job. I see no future or power in the Unions. That was yesterday. Today, it is, if you have a job you are blessed, if you do not, then you try to find a job, or a part-time job or a temporary job or you work 2-3 works, and, yes you might just end up flipping burgers at the local Burger King. Those are the facts. One more time – THIS COUNTRY HAS NO MONEY – why do you think that you are entitled to more money, or more benefits? Why do you think you don’t have to compete with others that are willing to work? Even the President has no control over this. You all voted him in, he did this Country wrong, and now we all pay, including you. I think I would stop harassing those are trying to get a job because that is exactly what you should be doing – wherever you can find it. I am quite familar with Union and the Contracts. It has been my experience, that generally, Unions get involved when a person is unable to perform in the position that he or she was hired for. This could be for numerous reasons including even health issues. The employees do have laws on the books that allow for time off in the event of illness of themselves or a family member. A Union official is not required for this. However, when it becomes apparent that a person, regardless of reason, is unable to perform then something has to change. Most organizations will try to accommodate if they can – move them into a job that they can do. This does not require a Union official either. Union officials get involved when somebody is unable (capable) or unwilling to work. Management has no choice but to solve that dilemma. Then comes a litany of paperwork in documenting and responding to grievances. I have been there. I managed a group of people whereby it was necessary for me to evaluate them. After I discovered that there was more than one that needed additional training, I ended up with 3 Union officials in the unit that basically did absolutely nothing other than to leave the area and not work by stating they were on Union business. Rather than to work with management, they chose to not to and this was the Federal Government. Most Union officials I have found were not only unreasonable, but willing to do just about anything. After I tried to start getting the employees the additional training they needed, I get a nasty complaint from EEO charging me with racial discrimination. Of course, it did not end there. Not only did I have to respond to that EEO compliant, but so did several of my other employees. When I did meet with the Union official that did file it, I was not that no, she knew that I was not discriminating. Now, how much time and money did that cost the government? Not long after, one woman quit for health reasons. Simple actions required by law – like annual evaluations, resulted in combatant meetings whereby I had to remain reasonable while Union Officials could swear and cuss, etc. Now, if there were to be case that a manager did not perform his or her duties, it can easily be addressed to that person’s manager. Unions are not required for that. Unions take money from the people for services they don’t need and invest in Washington DC lobby for more benefits and more money. The Federal Government also needs to reduce its dependence on Unions – particularly since Federal Employees can not strike. I am not fond of the behavior of most Union officials – certainly not all, but I think they create havoc just to show other employees that they are doing their jobs. So, I would say to those Union folks to either get in line for a job for whatever they pay and offer, or go elsewhere. The days of the high dollar Unions are over – they have to be if we are to exist as a Country.

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