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Amazing Video- US Debt – Visualized in physical $100 bills

“The money in the video has already been spent”

(Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTBODoBaCns)

It is important as Americans that we relearn Economic Liberty and apply these principles to our small business, jobs and in who we elect to represent us. Learn the basics of Economic Liberty in our series.

After ranking 2nd in 2000, the U.S. falls to 18th in this year’s report. As the authors explain:

“[T]he United States has fallen precipitously from second in 2000 to eighth in 2005 and 19th in 2010 (unadjusted ranking of 18th). By 2009, the United States had fallen behind Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Chile, and Mauritius, countries that chose not to follow the path of massive growth in government financed by borrowing that is now the most prominent characteristic of US fiscal policy. By 2010, the United States had also fallen behind Finland and Denmark, two European welfare states. Moreover, it now trails Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Taiwan, and Qatar, countries that are not usually perceived of as bastions of economic freedom.” See Report here.

Learn True Economic Liberty Here:  http://thestoryofliberty.intuitwebsites.com/Economic-Liberty-Menu.html


One Comment on “Amazing Video- US Debt – Visualized in physical $100 bills”

  1. kansascase December 9, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    There is no doubt about the depth of the problem. However, I am a hopeful sort, and I, like many others turned to the Constitution. My husband had actually picked up a law book at a garage sale. It is really kind of amazing how these kinds of things happen. Then I “stumbled” into a blog site where was a significant discussion at Word Press regarding Amendment 20, Section 3. Basically, it states that for a brief period – from the time a President wins the election and becomes the President elect, he can be found to be “unqualified” for the position of President as can the VP. Legal minds will have to hussle as they will only have until his inaurguration to make a move or mount a suit. I don’t know who would be the party to determine his “qualification.” That is not addressed, but there are other Statutes in the Constitution that address similar subjects or topics. But, at this particular time – from the election to the inauguration – about 75 days, he is at his weakest. So, God help us all. I turned the information over to The Heritage Foundation as well as Congressman Allen West. His state is pursuing something similar. They tried to disqualify him prior to the election, but could not. It is only after he won, can they pursue anything like “unqualified.” And as somebody said, he (Obama) was “uniquely unqualified” and that should be very easy to prove. I think we might have just pulled a play out of Obama’s playbook. Is stealing from evil, evil? LOL. It will all work out but we have a lot of work to do. I’ve started to reach out to Black pastors and ministers. We are going to need their assistance at some point.

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