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“America-Why I love her” John Wayne / God bless our Veterans. A interview with a post World War II Veteran.

A special prayer for our soldiers.

“America-Why I love her” John Wayne

Veterans Day -The Story of Liberty
God bless our Veterans. A interview with a post World War II Veteran.

One Comment on ““America-Why I love her” John Wayne / God bless our Veterans. A interview with a post World War II Veteran.”

  1. kansascase November 11, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    I have copied something like this on my Facebook by John Wayne many, many times. It is in this time in history, that I have looked for those same qualities in an American leader. Congressmen West is a good man, but, well, John Wayne, could always “make it right.” The good guys always won and he walked (strutted) like a man that knew his worth which was not determined by society, but by the Father. He was fiercely independent and adopted what 17 children? That was a good man, no doubt. If you teach a child, I would use his movies with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions. Something has happened to his “kind.” I see no fault in a fist fight – both will learn as both will be hurt. But, when you don’t fight for even the most noble of causes, I have to wonder why. I have read that the testosterone levels in men have been declining and considering the “lack” of leadership in Congress or the Senate over the last couple of years, I have to wonder. There seems to be a problem in dealing with conflict. I’ve heard the television go on and on about the bullies in the school yard. There will always be bullies in Life – better to learn it early than when they are older. I would say, let them work it out among themselves – not to be dependent upon Mom or Dad. We are breeding dependence when we do this. We don’t want a lot more of it. Let them fight – it might actually help the bully too. At least it is honest communication – something neither of them will forget. Allow them to be bold and have big ideas. As far as helmets and knee pads to ride a bike, that is not for the children’s protection, it is for the parent’s peace of mind. Every child gets every shot for anything they can get a shot for. I understand the reason for some immunizations as they can be deadly. However, those of us that did not have all the shots, our immune systems are actually stronger than those of these children. We had the illnesses. Again, I would say, it is for the parent’s peace of mind, not for the child. Children need to get hurt and they need to get sick from time to time. That is Life. We have all had some responsibility in the results of the 2012 election. Breed your children Strong! Grow him to become a Strong Adult.

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