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Uncle Sams Unlimited Cell Phone plan. People hoarding free government phones.

Congressmen Tim Griffin stated, “I’ve heard from many Arkansans about one wasteful Washington program that’s riddled with instances of abuse. It’s a government-run, taxpayer-funded program that’s running wild and costing more and more. The evidence is stacking up: dead people are receiving free cell phones in the mail, eligible and ineligible individuals are obtaining more than one, and electronic kiosks have been stationed in convenience stores to spread the word about this “free” opportunity. The truth is, though, that taxpayers are footing the bill. The program is called Lifeline, but in reality it’s turned into Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan. My bill returns the Lifeline program back to its original structure by ending federal subsidies for free cell phone services. This growing government cell phone program is costing American consumers and taxpayers, and my bill puts an end to it.”

Learn how to fight this abuse and find out more about Congressman Tim Griffin’s bill to end it: http://griffin.house.gov/lifeline

One Comment on “Uncle Sams Unlimited Cell Phone plan. People hoarding free government phones.”

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