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As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

Eric Holder Participated In Radical Black Group’s “Armed” Takeover Of Columbia University ROTC Office While A Student…

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not responded to questions from The Daily Caller about whether Holder himself was armed — and if so, with what sort of weapon.

Holder was then among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), which demanded that the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” The change, the group insisted, was to be made “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

Black radicals from the same group also occupied the office of Dean of Freshman Henry Coleman until their demands were met. Holder has publicly acknowledged being a part of that action.

The details of the student-led occupation, including the claim that the raiders were “armed,” come from a deleted Web page of the Black Students’ Organization (BSO) at Columbia, a successor group to the SAAS. Contemporary newspaper accounts in The Columbia Daily Spectator, a student newspaper, did not mention weapons.

Holder, now the United States’ highest-ranking law enforcement official, has given conflicting accounts of this episode during college commencement addresses at Columbia, but both the BSO’s website and the Daily Spectator have published facts that conflict with his version of events.

Holder has bragged about his involvement in the “rise of black consciousness” protests at Columbia.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/30/as-college-sophomore-eric-holder-participated-in-armed-takeover-of-former-columbia-university-rotc-office/#ixzz2846DHHTK

No wonder he is sympathetic to the New Black Panthers.

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Attorney General Holder’s Justice Department has provided false and misleading information to Congress in the Fast and Furious investigation. A U.S. Border Patrol agent died and many more innocent lives were lost due to our government’s illegal actions.

After a year of stonewalling and claiming that the White House was not involved, they claimed Executive Privilege. This means either they have not been telling the truth about White House involvement or it’s another Obama power grab. Enough is enough; join our call for Attorney General Holder to resign. Sign the petition here:


3 Comments on “As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office”

  1. Larry October 1, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Here is one for you to research. In 1969, black militants tried to take over 5 southern states. They called themselves “The New Republic of Afrika”. Malcolm X was part of this group. The FBI report is missing ( I read it a while back ) muslims were also involved. AK 47’s were used in the shoot out, one FBI agent was killed others were wounded.
    Malcolm X was married to Betty Shabazz, Frank Marshall Davis was also part of the group. Any of these names jumping out at you? The shoot out was north of Jackson, Mississippi. Google: New Republic of Afrika. I was living in Mississippi at the time and remember it well! So in 1970 Holder was doing his thing, the Black Panthers were doing theirs. Connect the dots!

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