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Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips

Students and parents are rallying against new ID badges that track student movement on the campuses of two San Antonio, Texas schools.

Click here to watch Video news report from Channel 3 News.

‘Students and parents at two San Antonio schools are in revolt over a program that forces kids to wear RFID tracking name tags which are used to pinpoint their location on campus as well as outside school premises.

Students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School will be mandated to wear the tags from today which will be used to track them on campus as well as when they enter and leave school.

Andrea Hernandez is leading a group of students who refuse to wear the tags because in her words, “It makes me uncomfortable. It’s an invasion of my privacy,” she told KSN.com.’

Channel 3 News: http://www.ksn.com/content/news/also/story/Students-rebel-against-tracking-chips/MwIlw0lUf0Od2qb5s0oEQw.cspx

Infowars: http://www.infowars.com/texas-students-revolt-against-mandatory-rfid-tracking-chips/

NBC News: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/nbc-news/48825127#48825127

NBC4i:  http://video.nbc4i.com/v/61928893/students-rebel-against-tracking-chips.htm

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3 Comments on “Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips”

  1. Francis Hornik September 1, 2012 at 2:27 am #

    And this is a surprise? Before long the government will be setting our alarms clocks, limiting our shower time and giving us an approved menu for breakfast. All that will be to just start the day.

  2. kansascase October 14, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    Whose bright idea was that? That is not the school’s responsibility – if it is anybody’s, it should be the parents. And, I doubt, except in rare cases, would the parents want that. If you have disabled or problem child, maybe. I hope they are banding together. I think it is called “civil disobedience.” Personally, I would tell the school board to take a flying leap. The game is over – there will be no socialism, communism, marxcism or dictatorship. They need to take a look around them – they are being surrounded by the sound of Freedom!

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