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The Army of Compassion

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you are blessed by this month’s Journal, letter and book offer below!
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 Dr. Marshall Foster is the president of the World History Institute, which is dedicated to uncovering the unchanging truths and lessons of history that have liberated nations around the globe. For three decades, Marshall has taught these truths, along with their Judeo-Christian roots, through many venues from best-selling books and dynamic seminars to documentaries, radio programs, and historic tours. He oversees the education of more than 10,000 students and families each year on historic training tours. Marshall Foster holds Bachelor of Science in Economics and Doctorate of Divinity degrees. He is the co-host of a new weekly radio show on the gold coast of Florida, The Story of Liberty, which is exploding in popularity.

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One Comment on “The Army of Compassion”

  1. Kerry Reynolds August 30, 2012 at 5:35 am #

    You and I are walking the same path as are many others. I was given a “calling” many, many years ago which I believe relates to all that you say. The Father made me aware that I would carry a heavy load but that it would result in great good. I asked, “why me? It seemed like some kind of punishment.” He told my heart it was that my family had been Faithful to Him or something like that.Through all my hardships, I was strengthened and strengthened – iron strengthens iron. Now, I fight Destruction and for all that is good. I have no fear as I am not alone. I know that within the last couple of months, I was involved in a spiritual battle and I believe there were many others. We did win, but it was close. I, actually, have some proof of this because I know it sounds pretty crazy. I believe that He sends me where I am to go and where I am to meet another party – happens all the time. Somestimes these people stay for awhile and then they move on to where the Father sends them. We are all kind of linked up. Some things that happen tell me that He is there. I have never made a secret of it. I don’t use an alias, I don’t run from it, I don’t hide. I only wait He takes me to somebody or brings them to me. I wait and let the Father lead. There is no way we can know what he wants or expects, we can only wait until called upon again. When that happens, you know the Father brought it about. I have been through some really freaky things the last few months – and I have known freaky. I couldn’t do what I am doing now at 32, but, I can with a bit of wisdom at 57. Throughout my Life, my family could really not understand how it was that I could get beat down by something – illness – marriage, etc. and still get right back up and go on. I could because I had that calling and you can’t deny the resulting Faith it brings. I never did lose Faith, never blamed Him, I just went on because I believed. I am not a minister or preacher, I am just the girl next door that was raised in churches and a very wholesome environment. I came from a farm in Minnesota.

    I would love to take your trip, but, I am disabled, my husband lost his job 2 years after 37 years in the aircraft industry. So, we are trying to become self-employed. I am developing a website for American Homes and Families, and I am selling online through Ebay and Webstore. Also, this is probably not the time for me to be away. I work with veterans and assist in any way that I can. I created 2 designs – one is called “Freedom” and the other is “The American Soldier and the US Veteran.” I try to sell them, but they haven’t done well, so I have been giving them away to various veterans groups and others. Also, it is good for promotion and marketing. I met a guy that gives me a good break on the printing. He has improved his business. Even though I am paying for them, somehow, I manage to do it. They need to be worn as they carry a message.

    Okay, I work with veterans, armed forces and others that are on the same path. I know that to change culture, we need our artists. So, I have been meeting artist after artist. I tell them to think about America and the Father. I believe that 100 percent of the time, these people on the “Path to Freedom” have been given some type of “calling” themselves. I feel very strongly about my Freedom as others do as I believe it is more spiritual than anything else. Even Jesus spoke of the shackles. So, I do get music – mostly Country and Gospel which is exactly what I want. It is not just our Freedom at stake, it is our heritage and it is for all those soldiers that died or were disabled due to war. That is an injury to insult for the families. Those families feel the pull of sorrow every day if they lost a loved one, and will continue to feel it until their death. I also asked the Father to take my life and let this Country be Free – veterans do it everyday – I am not any better. So, there are some that call me the “Patriot” and others the “Black Knight.”

    I have also been pushing for children to be raised in Christ-like teachings. If, the children are raised to learn of Christ and his qualities, we may not be where we are now. They need to learn kindness, integrity, honesty, generousity, love, humility, forgiveness, caring – there are so many good things to learn from Christ. And, honestly, over the last 10-20 years, we have gotten away from that trying to appease those that do not. They are entitled to their beliefs and words, but this Country was based on Religious Freedoms. Our laws based on the 10 commandments, etc. My father’s family were Puritans that came to these shores in 1635 and my mother’s family were Quakers. That is a very confusing upbringing. All we were told was that Dad was like an Oak, strong, but could be brought down with lightening, wind, and that my Mother was like a Willow – she could give with the wind and adjust to changes in environment. She told us all, to take the best of both of them and become part Oak and part Willow. My Mother is quite wise and more in touch with the Holy Spirit then even she knows. She made me a picture when I was younger of ducks on a lake. One set of ducks were going in V shape one way, but there was one duck that was headed the opposite way. I was about insulted as she told me that I was that duck – it reminded her of me. She told me that maybe it was the group of ducks going in the wrong direction and you are the one going in the right direction. She said, if you follow the crowd, you probably are going in the wrong direction. I have tried to talk, somewhat unsucessfully, of my “calling.” My Dad thinks I need more drugs, my Mother tells me – “do what you need to do.”

    I learned very early that Obama was a problem. Of course, even with all my research, it was hard tor anybody to believe. I understand that. None the less, if they would have done the research, they were would have known. In the beginning, he did not cover his trail as well as he thought he did. My chief concern with him is that he has probably created enough regulations to put any Citizen in jail for something. With him pushing gun control, that is serious. This Country will not give up their guns to Obama and I believe that is a fact – they will die first. In order for his plan to work, he has got to clamp down on the guns – even if it is through the UN. Should enough people be shot before the election, some people will demand more gun control. I was contacted not long after the UN Gun Treaty failed. Obama wasn’t prepared yet. So, the 2nd Amendment folks are pretty jumpy with the Fast and Furious battle. I was told by a reliable source – I think – that there were some armored vehicles and troup carriers in put in some large cities. I got asked what should they do. I told them to ignore them unless they threatened you and your family or tried to take their guns away. They should go about their normal activities. This was an attempt at creating fear and intimidation – sounds a bit like Communism to me. I think what he wanted was for one 2nd amendment person to take a shot at his military. If that occured, then, he could declare martial law and then there would be no Constitution and No Amendments – at least that is my understanding. But, not a single shot was fired – probably due to the Father. And, that has been my concern – that 2nd Amendment Militia would be fighting the US Armed Forces. My second shirt design was based on this. “We the People stand with our heroes as One Nation, Under God.” We do not want another Civil War. Of course, Obama might just find out that his military may not really be his military. I think it is probably against the law for me garner support with active duty and I haven’t. But, it may be what some of the vets are doing. It is like this – you take my Freedom, I take your Might – at least that is how I look at it. You can see the shirts (if you are curious) at http://stores.ebay.com/USA-American-Home-Wares.

    Oh, incidently, I spend most of my time writing – that wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? I have written so many letters to Senators, Representatives, our Governor, Lt Governor, newspapers, blogs, I am all over Facebook, Heritage Group, Conservative Women Group, Romney, Hannity, Senator Allen West (super guy with the love of God), Becklet Organization, VA, and probably most veterans groups, Boehn, Minority leader in Senate, – I could go on and on – just don’t remember them all. One time I hit almost 1000 retired military.

    I have attracked some attention – I have no fear – I tell the Truth. But, generally, these people are all on the same path. I tell folks to Stand-Up, I tell them “It only takes a spark to get a fire going …” that was an old church camp song we use to sing. I try to ignite, make them aware of the apathy, make them aware of our future as subjects instead of citizens. From my perspective, Obama’s soul is the blackest I have seen. I can almost always find some good in anybody, but not this man. I even wrote to him several times – actually trying to help and to warn him. He does not know our Heritage.

    Anyway, that is pretty much my story. I try to do 1-2 good deeds a day, sometimes I can’t and sometimes the Father keeps me very busy. Of course, you know there is more – you are getting the highlighted part. I am not Jesus that has come back for Revelations, I am not God, I am just a person trying to save her Country. I am fulfilling my calling. I don’t know where that will all go. I trust that you will not make me a story. I still have work to do for the Father. We have a lot of greed and corruption in this Country right now. I am needed to continue this.

    Sorry that this has gotten so long … I needed to explain a couple of things. You can reach me at Facebook – Kerry Reynolds or on Ebay or email me.

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