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RNC Organizers Keep a Eye on Tropics.

Rep. Hurricane Isaac  may be the keynote speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention if the forecast does not change.

Nick Gregory tweets: “While still a long way out, Tropical Storm Isaac may threaten Florida as a hurricane next week.”forecast does not change.

This storm has been in the news before the actual storm even formed. Back in  May 24, 2012 Yahoo News posted a article:

Official: Hurricane threat could affect convention

It’s been 90 years since a major hurricane made a direct hit on Tampa. The last to strike Florida’s west coast was Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 packing 150 mph winds. The Aug. 13, 2004, storm was small yet powerful — and was initially forecast to strike the Tampa Bay area before it turned and slammed Port Charlotte, about 100 miles south.

Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at Weatherunderground.com, said long-range storm track predictions five days in advance are notoriously inaccurate, often off an average of 260 miles (418 kilometers). But Masters said the climate situation has improved chances that Florida could be in the system’s sights during the GOP event that runs Monday through Thursday.

“It would take a perfect storm of a scenario where a bunch of factors all conspire together,” Masters said. “But we definitely have to watch this one.”

From The Weather Channel (Video):

The Tampa Bay Times Forum is the site of this year’s Republican National Convention Aug. 27-30.

“With less than a week until more than 50,000 people converge in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, the ninth tropical depression of the year formed in the Atlantic early Tuesday.

Forecast models indicate the storm could pose a threat to Florida as early as late weekend. But forecasters cautioned it’s too early to tell whether this depression will pose a significant tropical threat to Florida’s west coast.

It doesn’t take a landfalling storm to impact the Tampa Bay region. In June, heavy rainfall and storm surge from Tropical Storm Debby caused significant flooding along Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard, just minutes from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of this year’s convention and home of the National Hockey League’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

Koon noted that convention goers, media and protesters won’t add significantly to the population of the Tampa Bay area, “so the evacuation plans that we have in place generally for day to day will be the ones that we’ll utilize for the RNC.”

Koon offered this advice for RNC attendees: Be cognizant of your surroundings and keep an eye on the weather.”

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