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Hawaii Federal Court Affirms Natural Marriage

Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) had argued that the state’s constitutional amendment, which gives lawmakers the power to define marriage, was unconstitutional. Judge Alan Kay disagreed.

From The Family Research Counsel: Hawaii may not be on the mainland, but it is in the mainstream on marriage. After a string of bad decisions, a U.S. District court put liberals on the defensive with a 120-page rebuke of same-sex “marriage.” Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) had argued that the state’s constitutional amendment, which gives lawmakers the power to define marriage, was unconstitutional. Judge Alan Kay disagreed. Elected officials or the people should decide the issue, he said, not “judicial legislation.” “If the traditional institution of marriage is to be restructured, as sought by Plaintiffs, it should be done by a democratically-elected legislature or the people through a constitutional amendment, not through judicial legislation that would inappropriately preempt democratic deliberation regarding whether or not to authorize same-sex marriage.” A lesbian couple launched the case when the Department of Health refused to grant their request for a marriage license. Although civil unions are legal in Hawaii, the women claimed they couldn’t enjoy the same government benefits as heterosexual spouses

Read more here: http://www.frc.org/washingtonupdate/hawaii-leis-it-on-the-line-for-marriage

From The Liberty Counsel:

Press ReleaseAugust 10, 2012Hawaii Federal Court Affirms Natural Marriage

Federal Judge Alan Kay issued a voluminous opinion affirming natural marriage as one man and one woman. Hawaii lawmakers amended the law in 1994 “to clarify the legislature’s intention that marriage should be limited to those of the opposite-sex.” Two years later, voters in Hawaii passed a constitutional amendment that expressly states that the legislature “shall have the power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples.” Judge Alan Kay said that these laws do not violate the U.S. Constitution.

Read more here: http://www.lc.org/index.cfm?PID=14100&PRID=1220

One Comment on “Hawaii Federal Court Affirms Natural Marriage”

  1. SwampFox August 19, 2012 at 4:40 am #

    The Honorable Judge Alan Kay is right and yet he is wrong. There is not one mortal,flesh and blood human being on this planet that has the authority to alter or change Gods definition of marriage. These seperatist organizations are all a bunch of domestic terrorists and we do nothing. I am voting for the person that will put an end to all these organizations, because they are the ones causing the division in this country. They are destroying this country and nobody is even saying a thing about it.

    Enough is enough, this country has much bigger problems that stretch far beyond the economy, welfare and social security.

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