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Jennifer is Co-host of The Story of Liberty Radio Broadcast, video editor and creator, blogger & Web designer for the Story of Liberty. TheStoryofLiberty.net

Evangelists Endure Vile Acts, Assault at North Carolina Bele Chere Festival

Christian Net News Reported: Another evangelist at the festival stated that he was informed by an officer that the chief of police sent out an order to all officers of duty not to intervene in any situations pertaining to street preachers. He stated that when he expressed concern to law enforcement over the lewd acts and assaults that were occurring, they told him, “Don’t come back to Asheville.”

Boyd and others at the festival told Christian News Network that women would flash the preachers by lifting up their shirts, men would walk around in their underwear or completely naked, public sex acts would take place on the streets and other lewd acts were performed in front of women and children. Some of the preachers were reportedly assaulted or threatened with violence. However, they state that police did nothing to stop it.

“People just stand and watch, including police officers, who are sworn to uphold the law and protect [citizens],” Pethtel said.

“What I am beholding with my eyes defies description. A black preacher is being assaulted by a group of white kids, and the police refuse to do anything,” Boyd explained Saturday night. “We are trying to get the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department or the NC State Troopers to help. No one cares. There is no protection for the law-abiding citizen or any Christian.”




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