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Contracts to Build US Roads and Bridges Go to Chinese Firms

So the Statist always asks… “Who will build our roads without government?” Well, our government says its China’s job to build American roads. While I would have no issue with a private firm using offshore companies to build our roads… why exactly do we need government to do everything? We really could have used those jobs here. We are paying China, with money we borrowed from China to build our roads. And producing no jobs.. Which is no shocker, government never produces jobs. Its all so Illogical! 3000 jobs lost on just one bridge, given to Chinese workers instead of American workers suffering here at home. This is your tax dollars at work.


One Comment on “Contracts to Build US Roads and Bridges Go to Chinese Firms”

  1. Ouida Johnson July 24, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    This started back when I was a teen .I would like to Know -The American People Have The Right To Know What Un -American Commie bunch of turds are responsible for sending These Much needed jobs to China!!*** I First Noticed,*** it was send the sewing factory’s to Mexico ,send Mrs Baird’s Co. To Mexico, Give all the arab’s Loans to buy the Gas stations Convenience Stores ,Ignoring,and Refusing to Help * Us* True Americans * when we try to do the same thing to support our own communities and Family’s!!!!! Who is Doing This ? Who is making our decisions for us In America?????This was started Way before No bama was ever thought of !!!!! Who is the Puppet Master of this Plan to derail America?????

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