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Al Qaeda Wildfire Demands Has Utah On Alert

(KUTV) There’s a new threat from Al Qaeda, and it’s affecting Utah, but his one doesn’t involve airports, jetliners, or large cities.

Instead, the terror group is encouraging its members to “unleash hell” on America by starting massive wildfires – specifically in the western states.Fire departments in Southern Utah are aware of this threat

Leeds Fire Chief Steve Lewis is used to humans starting fires – accidentally.

But this week he got a bulletin from the FBI warning about terrorists starting wild fires.

The new threat is spelled out in the latest edition of Al Qaeda’s terror magazine: ‘Inspire’

The article, titled: “It is your freedom to ignite a firebomb”, instructs operatives to set intentional wildfires in the western United States.

“Al Qaeda has now moved to simpler, smaller plots that don’t cause as many casualties, but which can still terrorize the west,” said Bruce Reidel, a former CIA Officer.

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