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1997 Tea Party-esque Photo of Barack Obama

1997 Tea Party-esque Photo of Barack Obama

Breitbart.com recently published a photo of Barack Obama published in the Hyde Park Herald on July 9, 1997.

He wore this because of the 4th of July Parade called “4th on 53rd”. All the politicians were expeted to dress the part and Obama chose to wear colonial attire.

This picture is meant to be patriotic. But something has happened between then and now because wearing these costumes now would be considered racist to the average Liberal.

The NAACP wrote this about the costumes:

The Revolutionary War-era costumes, the yellow “Don’t tread on me” Gadsden flags from the same era, the earnest recitals of the pledge of allegiance, the over-stated veneration of the Constitution, and the defense of “American exceptionalism” in a world turned towards transnational economies and global institutions: all are signs of the over-arching nationalism that helps define the Tea Party movement.

It is a form of American nationalism, however, that does not include all Americans, and separates itself from those it regards as insufficiently “real Americans.”

So it is completely legitimate for a 1997 Obama to wear the very same things that his supporters at the NAACP find so offensive now.



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