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Russian Soldiers Training on US Soil ?

For the first time in history, Russian soldiers have set foot on US soil. They are engaged in a joint anti-terror drill.

This drill will avail them to our strategy and technology. And as Arthur R. Thompson of the John Birch Society points out, this will help them if we were to ever get into a war.

It was only a few years ago that Russia invaded Georgia and fears of war between the US and Russia was heightened. And Russian soldiers burned the US flag.

They do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. Russia is not a part of NATO.

Response from the military was: “Russian special forces soldiers were coming the end of May to be trained because their understanding was that they were going to take part in operation Enduring Freedom to help the Afghanis and us. That it was the first time Russians were being trained on U.S. soil but it was being done partly to improve diplomatic relations and partly because the terrain outside Fort Carson is similar to the terrain of Afghanistan.”

Russian soldiers burning flag of the United States

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