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Spanish Software company counting our votes in the upcoming election.

  Spanish Software company counting our votes in the upcoming election.

Jan Morgan recently said: “Obama has hand picked the private company “Scytl”, that will be counting the votes from a number of states. That company is NOT AMERICAN, BUT is definitely based in Michelle Obama’s favorite vacation spot, Barcelona, Spain.”

SCYTL, the global leader in secure electronic voting technologies, announced the acquisition of 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

Why is a software company based in Barcelona Spain (SCYTL)  now in charge of counting our votes in the upcoming General Election on November 6th.  Did the Federal Elections Commission approve of this?  (FEC) Did the Congress of the United States approve of this ?

Was this done by an Executive Order from the White House ?

There are many questions as to why a foreign company is counting American votes.

Michael Savage commented on this voting debacle saying, “This critical component to a free election, the transparent tabulation of votes, will not be handled by individual precincts but by a company over which we will have little control…The problem is that once the votes are merged, it will be impossible to go back and check their integrity at the local level. It is very likely that this is the final step in Barack Obama’s corruption of the voting process. It has the promise of enabling him and his cohorts to control the outcomes of federal elections with no accountability. On top of that it’s one more step toward a global government.”

3 Comments on “Spanish Software company counting our votes in the upcoming election.”

  1. 2B May 24, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    What happened to wanting to privatizing everything? I thought the right-wing wanted everything in this country to be conducted by private business. In the aftermath of the corrupt decision of Citizens United by the Supreme Court when foreign companies can influence our elections, is it any surprise that a foreign company can count our votes? This is what the right-wing wanted, they wanted unlimited money in politics, they wanted the privatization of everything in this country. It looks like, if this story is accurate, that they’ve gotten everything that they’ve wanted.

    • Kathleen May 25, 2012 at 12:58 am #

      Not everyone who is “conservative” is “Right Wing” or wants the same things. It should be noted also that many in our country have forgotten (or never learned) to think things through, critically, to their conclusions. What we want is more privatization, but that is not to say that we want some huge corporation which has its strings being pulled by the “Elite” in our country (or by the Global Elite) to be in charge of the electoral process. Privatization of Banks, or of schools, or etc., is a good thing. This does not mean we do away with laws, or just hand control over to a minority of people What it means is a carefully thought out re-structuring in which the people are intimately involved. Not everything should be privatized, but control needs to be more local when it comes to many things. Government is not intended to be our ‘parents’, nor our ‘babysitters’, but that does not mean that there is no place for any government, especially on the local and/or state level. The more local processes are, the more the “locals” (ie we the people) will be involved and have a say in what is going on in our nation. Power corrupts – Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

      Here are my thoughts on this article re another country(or company from another country) counting our votes:

      I’m not so certain that this is correct. If you look up on SCYTL’s website, it gives the impression that tabulating votes is still in the hands of electoral authorities, and possibly local precincts. On the other hand it appears to pave the way for voting via internet, cell phones, etc. My problem with this is that the votes coming from internet and cell phone cannot possibly be verified by local precincts,could likely be hijacked (everyone thinks THEIR software is secure until it is hacked) and clearly someone (most of us would likely not be privy to the specifics of who or where) will be counting those votes ?but will they be held accountable? Who would hold them accountable? And how would we know if those involved were being truthful or not?

      Though there are supposed to be multiple safeguards within the software that prevent fraud, I’m not so certain. And I personally don’t like the idea of non-locals being “in charge” of counting the votes. We need public counting of votes, done by multiple parties of differing views so that there is no tampering of the election process. This needs to be publicly visible, transparent, etc., and you are not going to get that from a machine/software that is only in the hands of a minority of people, nor from voting via internet or cell phones. It’s not like there are paper ballots in this situation which could be visibly counted. It may seem more convenient at the outset, but there is HUGE potential for people to pull the wool over our eyes in this kind of digital process.

      This article made me realize how very little I know about how the votes are counted, who counts them, etc. but we have always had physical evidence, and I do believe that there were multiple parties of varying viewpoints/political beliefs counting together so that there would be transparency. With this (digital/internet)method, there would no longer be that physical evidence. And even with digital evidence, it would be of the sort that the normal everyday Joe on the street could not look at and understand for himself. This is not right. When we put the process only into the hands/guidance etc of the intellectual elite, or even just into the hands of those who understand how to look at digital evidence, those who do not have skill and understanding in these areas will be in the dark. That, to me, is a dangerous place to be when it comes to guarding our freedoms and our electoral process.

      I have been ignorant of much of the process in the past, but it occurs to me that every generation needs to take a close look at the Gov’t and electoral processes, needs to be involved, and to understand how the political system works. We need to be vigilant in this country and to guard over our freedoms, our election processes, etc., and apparently we need to watch our elected officials like hawks. I don’t say that because of this particular article, but it has become more and more clear that the american public cannot afford to just sit at home and play video games, watch T.V. and or party, and trust that the officials they elected are doing right by them. We need to be more involved, and to hold our elected officials accountable.

  2. pjki May 25, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    Bye-bye Democratic elections; bye-bye Constitution; bye-bye America. Sad sorry day when the “evil one” was elected as president of the free world. Sad, pathetic, distressing, wretched day.

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