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English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

They marched in protest saying. “We only have ourselves to blame for losing our liberty’s! We have been fooled.”

“We have seen a 40% increase in crime since they have taken our guns!” one man said.

Citizens have been left defenseless and are victims to their own complacency. Now criminals run the streets with black market weapons, and the citizens are defenseless.

Their message to Americans: Wake UP! Get out and fight. Your Constitution matters and your freedom matters!

I believe we should listen, and act.

Above video: The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of british citizens of why Americans need to fight for their constitutional rights.


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2 Comments on “English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!”

  1. SR25MK4 July 22, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    Are, “The People” listening…are YOU LISTENING…???


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    […] English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS […]

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