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Billy Sunday Time Line

Billy Sunday Time Line


Sunday Birthplace.

November 19: William Ashley Sunday born in Ames, Iowa.
December 22: Sunday’s father, William Ashley Sunday, dies of pneumonia at army camp in Patterson, Missouri. Sunday never knew his father. Later, when Sunday was a young child, his mother sent him and brother George to orphanage.

1883 May 22: Sunday begins baseball career with Chicago White Stockings; strikes out his first 13 times at bat.
1886 Sunday led to the Lord by Mrs. Sarah “Ma” Clarke at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago.
1887 Winter: Sunday coaches baseball team at Northwestern University.
December 31: Sunday proposes to Helen Amelia Thompson.
1888 Sunday traded from the White Stockings to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
September 5: Billy Sunday and Helen Thompson married at the Thompson home in Chicago; Helen subsequently known as “Ma Sunday.”
1889 Daughter Helen Sunday born.
1891 Sunday sets record of 90 bases stolen in 116 games.
Philadelphia Phillies offer Sunday $400/month.
Cincinatti offers $500/month.
Sunday takes “secretary of relgious department” job at YMCA for $83/month.
1892 Son George Sunday born.
1894 Pittsburgh Pirates offer Sunday $2,000/month.
Evangelist J. Wilbur Chapman visits Sunday and hires him as advance man for $40/week.
1896 J. Wilbur Chapman takes a church and leaves his nationwide evangelism ministry.
1897 January: Sunday holds his first revival meeting at Garner, Iowa; nearly 100 people accept Christ during the week of meetings.
1903 Sunday ordained by the Presbyterian Church.
1907 Ma Sunday begins traveling with Sunday, handling his campaign planning and finances, and speaking at women’s meetings.
1909 Homer Rodeheaver joins Sunday as soloist and song leader.
1917 Sunday’s famous ten-week New York Campaign; the love offering (over $100,000) was given by him to the Red Cross and other World War I charities; over 98,000 came forward to accept Christ.
1920 Ma Sunday survives serious car accident.
1933 Sunday collapses while preaching in Des Moinse, Iowa.
Son George commits suicide.
1935 October 27: Sunday preaches his last sermon, at First Methodist Church, Mishawaka, Indiana; 44 people respond.
November 6: Sunday dies of heart attack.
November 9: Memorial Service at Moody Memorial Church, Chicago, attended by thousand

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