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Founding Father Benjamin Rush’s handwritten personal Bible study booklet

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Founding Father Benjamin Rush’s handwritten personal Bible study booklet entitled “References to Texts of Scriptures Related to Each Other Upon Particular Subjects.” In it he listed scriptures under various topics and wrote his own notes on those scriptures. We have included excerpts of the booklet below.

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) Rush was a physician, educator, philanthropist, and statesman. He graduated from Princeton (1760) and then studied medicine in Philadelphia, Edinburgh, London, and Paris. He served in the Continental Congress (1776-77) and signed the Declaration of Independence(1776). Rush also: suggested to Thomas Paine that he write Common Sense (1776) and supplied the title for it as well as helped publish it; was Surgeon-General of the Continental Army (1777-78); and was one of the founders of Dickinson College (1783). He was an influential delegate to the State ratification convention for the federal Constitution (1787), and along with James Wilson, one of the principal coauthors of the Pennsylvania constitution (1789-90). Rush served as Treasurer of the U. S. Mint under Presidents John AdamsThomas Jefferson, and James Madison (1797-1813). He mediated a reconciliation between long time political rivals John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; was a founder of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery (1774) and its president; founder and Vice-president of the Philadelphia Bible Society (1808-13); member of the First Day Society of Philadelphia (1790); and a member of the Abolition Society (1794-97). Benjamin Rush is called the “Father of American Medicine” for his numerous medical discoveries.

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2 Comments on “Founding Father Benjamin Rush’s handwritten personal Bible study booklet”

  1. sheafferhistorian March 9, 2012 at 5:02 am #

    Jefferson sent Rush a copy of his bible as well.

  2. J.F. The Story of Liberty March 9, 2012 at 6:50 am #

    Benjamin Rush’s handwritten personal Bible study booklet is a bit different in the controversy department.:) Jefferson has been said to have created his own Bible, in his late 70’s after the death of his wife and children. I am trying to figure out if Jefferson’s work was a “Bible” or a study collection of his favorite passages… Or a emotional work done by a man in much pain and suffering after the lose of his family. Jefferson was brilliant, I don’t agree with his theology he may have developed in his old age, but I don’t agree with many fellow Christians theology’s. Thats the beauty of a personal relationship with God, no? Each unique and different. It was John Robinson who said,
    “The very same is to be observed in
    the ancient fathers when pleading
    against violence, true religion.
    Affirming that it was a human right…
    true or false religion but natural
    liberty for everyman to worship what
    he thinks of God. “

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