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(From The Blaze) “Over the past week, the media firestorm surrounding Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has eclipsed the larger issue of religious liberty that stands at the forefront of the contraception mandate.

With the distracting debate raging, Fluke has received the majority of the media attention surrounding the subject. New developments in the faith world, unfortunately, have gone unnoticed. Of particular note is a public letter that was penned on March 2 by Cardinal Timothy Dolan (also president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops).

The letter recaps a bizarre conversation U.S. Conference staff recently had with White House officials regarding the mandate. In fact, Dolan seems to allege that government officials lectured Catholic leaders about church teaching, writing:

At a recent meeting between staff of the bishops’ conference and the White House staff, our staff members asked directly whether the broader concerns of religious freedom—that is, revisiting the straight-jacketing mandates, or broadening the maligned exemption—are all off the table. They were informed that they are.  So much for “working out the wrinkles.”  Instead, they advised the bishops’ conference that we should listen to the “enlightened” voices of accommodation, such as the recent, hardly surprising yet terribly unfortunate editorial in America.  The White House seems to think we bishops simply do not know or understand Catholic teaching and so, taking a cue from its own definition of religious freedom, now has nominated its own handpicked official Catholic teachers.”

“But as we do so, we cannot rely on off the record promises of fixes without deadlines and without assurances of proposals that will concretely address the concerns in a manner that does not conflict with our principles and teaching,” he continued.

In the letter, the archbishop of New York went on to say that opponents have changed the debate to focus on women’s rights rather than religious freedom. “We will not let this deception stand,” he proclaimed. Dolan mentions both Congress and the courts as possible avenues to both protect and restore religious freedom. Despite this “light” that could be at the end of the proverbial tunnel, he warns that Catholics should “prepare for tough times.” He continues:

Brothers, we know so very well that religious freedom is our heritage, our legacy and our firm belief, both as loyal Catholics and Americans. There have been many threats to religious freedom over the decades and years, but these often came from without. This one sadly comes from within. As our ancestors did with previous threats, we will tirelessly defend the timeless and enduring truth of religious freedom.

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/cardinal-dolan-obama-admin-lectured-bishops-to-listen-to-enlightened-voices-on-contraceptive-mandate/


  1. Ellie D March 9, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Catholic Universities for far too long have left Christ principles, in the hands of people who incorporated other beliefs that were seen as “enlighted”, so as to assume the Catholic posture and principle of Universality. Christ does love all men and forgives them. But the damage to the Church, was its inability to define the difference in inclusion while maintaing ones Christs Priniple of Life, and Good Character

  2. Evelyn Roberts March 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Sounds like Mr. Obama is getting a little too much of Deepak Chopra in his life………..

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