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Drawing By 10-Year-Old George Washington Found?

Re-blogged from History.com: An illustration of a sailboat, believed to be 270 years old and the handiwork of a 10-year-old George Washington, might provide priceless insight into the childhood of America’s first president. If genuine, the sketch would be the earliest known document produced by Washington and immensely valuable both financially and historically.

A sketch of a sailboat signed “Geo. Washington” might be the earliest known document produced by America’s first president. (Credit: Tom Lingenfelter)

Like other observers, Lingenfelter was struck by the sketch’s precise lines and artistic quality, demonstrating an astonishing level of proficiency for a 10-year-old boy. “It’s so early and it’s so good, I had the same reaction most people would have,” he said. However, he continued, 18th-century children mastered skills and assumed adult roles while still very young. “At that age, it was pretty typical and expected,” he said.

Washington arguably grew up even faster than his peers, inheriting his boyhood home at 11 upon his father’s death. Unable to attend school in England as his older half-brothers had done, he trained with various tutors and secured his first job as a public surveyor in 1749. “He was doing advanced math by the time he was 14,” said Lingenfelter. “At 16 he was out being a full-fledged surveyor.” After serving in the French and Indian War in his early 20s, Washington famously supplemented his patchy education with books and independent study; unlike many of his fellow founding fathers, who received college degrees, America’s first commander-in-chief was largely self-taught.

Read more: http://www.history.com/news/2012/02/23/drawing-by-10-year-old-george-washington-found/

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