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Policy Bites into Big Apple Churches

Reblogged from: http://www.frc.org/washingtonupdate/hosanna-in-the-highest-court

The Family Research Counsel wrote, “Exactly one month from today, as many as 100 New York City churches will be homeless–the first casualties of a new edict from the Department of Education which no longer allows congregations to meet in local public schools. Although the City Council members are overwhelmingly opposed to the rule, they (like the churches) are at the mercy of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose office oversees the schools. Fernando Cabrera, one of the most vocal detractors of the policy, has been protesting the decision, since the U.S. Supreme Court refused to reverse it last December. “Treating houses of worship equally with other community groups helps our communities,” he said, “Evicting them hurts people and neighborhoods by denying them the social and spiritual services they desperately need, which in my district includes tutoring services, soup kitchens, and more.”

Today, despite the rain and cold, nearly 500 pastors and religious leaders came out to publicly take a stand against Mayor Bloomberg’s rule before his State of the City speech in the Bronx. I joined the rally and briefly commented on how this was a political decision–not a practical one–and the city will be lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in rental fees at a time when local governments are looking for ways to find more revenue. The regulations seem to be driven by an anti-religious ideology that’s turning the First Amendment upside down. FRC’s MARRI research makes it abundantly clear that children and the city as a whole benefit when families have the opportunity to attend worship services. For example, the advantages that students receive from weekly religious attendance are equal to the advantages that come from having a mother with three years of extra education and a father with four years of extra education. Also, students who attend religious activities weekly or more frequently were found to have a significantly higher GPA than those who never attend. Mayor Bloomberg would be smart to reconsider the Education Department’s decision. The city’s children would certainly be smarter for it.”

Read more: http://www.frc.org/washingtonupdate/hosanna-in-the-highest-court

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