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Obama says he will use taxpayer money to promote gun control

President Obama released a signing statement with the omnibus spending bill that was passed late last week. In that bill, a provision stated that taxpayer money cannot be used to promote or advocate gun control. President Obama released a statement concerning those provisions.

An NRA legislative researcher summed it up this way: “So, in other words, Congress says, ‘You can’t spend money to advocate or promote gun control.’ President Obama says, ‘I’m going to use this to promote gun control if that’s necessary and expedient.'”

Obama Says He Won’t Be Bound by Gun Control Ban in Omnibus

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One Comment on “Obama says he will use taxpayer money to promote gun control”

  1. tina tester December 29, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    so oboma doesnt have to go by the same laws that the rest of us have to !!!! so is he a dictator?!!!!!

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