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Obama Covert Attack on Second Amendment

(This is a article from 2010)

Here is the document: http://www.garynorth.com/MilitaryGunLaw.pdf

From American Vision, Article by Joel McDurmon:”

The document reveals a proposal to force all military personnel to register all firearms—even privately owned firearms that are kept in their private residences. It would force a regular inventory of all such firearms concurrent with the regular inventories of military weapons.

Soldiers maintaining privately owned firearms in their private residences, off base, would be required to keep their weapons in locked containers or with trigger locks, unloaded, and have the ammunition secured separately from the weapon in a locked container.

The proposal calls for a complete prohibition of concealed carry of any weapon—even folding knives with blades 3 inches and larger—while on base. This prohibition will override state and county permits for concealed carry.

Personnel will be required to request in writing for permission to keep privately owned weapons off-base. Privately owned weapons and ammunition kept on-base must be kept in a monitored room and can be accessed only with approval of a commander.

Read full article here: http://americanvision.org/2415/obama-begins-covert-attack-on-second-amendment/

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