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Watch Video Here: http://bcove.me/mntfyx2u

Scott LoBaido is clever man. He found a way to bring Christmas trees back into NYC’s transportation hubs. LoBaido designed and wore a Christmas tree costume! After being sued for allowing Christmas decorations in bus and ferry teminals, New York City imposed a ban on Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. Scott was not pleased about the ban and managed to find a way to bring the Christmas spirit to the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

You have to love the persistence of some people.

Scott told the NY Daily News that he spent about $400 on the supplies to make his tree costume. Mr. LoBaido’s website tells us that he is a self-taught artist and 4th-generation New Yorker. His artwork focuses on the American flag and in 2010, LoBaido painted the “world’s largest mural” of the Stars and Stripes. The mural covered 150,000 square feet and required 900 gallons of paint.

Read more: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/watch-walking-christmas-tree-beats-nycs-ban/


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