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Jennifer is Co-host of The Story of Liberty Radio Broadcast, video editor and creator, blogger & Web designer for the Story of Liberty. TheStoryofLiberty.net

“Even now Lord, you CAN SAVE US!”

Want to learn something amazing? On the journey from England to Holland, the Separatists (pilgrims) encounter a horrible storm, they were sure they would die, the waves where overtaking their ship… at the moment their ship was going to sink, they went on deck…and yelled out to God…”Even now Lord, you CAN SAVE US!” at that moment the storm stopped, and they sailed ashore… As they docked people ran to the ship and yelled the news, “My God man, 100 vessels where lost last night in the storm, your ship was the only to survive!” – At this moment the Separatists realized and reconfirmed the God ordained providence and determination for religions freedom from the tyrannical King James. Amazing.

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