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Why have we drifted so far from the Constitution?

(I wrote this awhile back, but never posted it. I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Do you think many have forgotten the Constitution, or do people understand that under God, it’s the law of the land? Post your comments here and let me know how the people around you feel about the 10 Commandments,  our Constitution and our culture.)

I’ve been working on research for an article, on how our country has drifted so far from the Constitution.. though online polls, harassing friends and friends of friends, talking to people at church, at the park, at the grocery… and here’s what I’ve found to my naive astonishment… they don’t think its relevant.. if I bring up the Constitution in an argument , its laid aside.. Its like using the Bible to debate an Atheist.. This is something I was not even thinking before.. I had the assumption all Americans believed in the freedoms our founding fathers laid down.. this is going to be a difficult article to write… its hard when you grow up and realize your beliefs in others are not reality.

I realize now that because of Media and its “interpretation” of Christianity.. (ie people who have messed up, which is the only thing ever reported) people have no clue that the Bible is a freedom document and the bases to Israels and Americas foundation of freedom.. 10 commandments, that’s all God required in terms of law for us (after the death and Resurrection of Christ). Not big government and oppression of civil liberties. Its a shame this is not taught..and I feel a HUGE part of the problem ( ie-the idea people have in the supremacy of intellectualism or humanism and professors and special interests denial of these Biblical foundations). If you remove the source of freedom and liberty and deny its existence you gain mans law instead of Gods law.. and mans law is ALWAYS corrupt and leans toward supreme power of a few and slavery of the populace. It’s a guaranteed progression to loss of freedom, and punishable by this proven historical result… no freedom of the individual.
I also want to stress the importance of private property… God protected that with the 10 commandments (8 of the 10 deal with this, so we know He considers it a huge proponent to Liberty) – remove the 10 commandments from the public remove private property, thus removing Liberty.

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One Comment on “Why have we drifted so far from the Constitution?”

  1. huntingliberty December 16, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    Good post. Natural rights is what the Founder’s would have called them. We are born with them. People do not understand what the Rule of Law really means and this is why they dismiss the Constitutional argument. Keep educating yourself on the subject and they will wilt under your superior knowledge. May I recommend perhaps the best book ever written about the Constitution: New Veiws of the Constitution of the United States, by John Taylor (of Caroline), written in 1823. Keep up the fight. It can be daunting at times. Thanks for the post!

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