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Jennifer is Co-host of The Story of Liberty Radio Broadcast, video editor and creator, blogger & Web designer for the Story of Liberty. TheStoryofLiberty.net

Government receives record amount in donations to pay national debt

From news Channel 5: “This holiday season, Americans may be surprised to find out that a certain someone is on people’s gift-giving list: Uncle Sam. Some Americans are putting their money where their mouth is and giving funds directly to the government to help pay its bills. 

The U.S. debt now stands at a staggering $15 trillion and counting, so personal donations—even big ones—cannot reduce the 14-figure debt by any noticeable amount. And yet the government has received an average of $1.83 million per year in gifts toward paying it down since 1996.

The $3.27 million sent in by private citizens in 2011 was the most ever. ”


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