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Every year that goes by, over one million children in the womb are brutally murdered through abortion. The key to unraveling this tragedy is a simple one and it has been known since before Roe v. Wade. It is Personhood. During oral argument of Roe, Chief Justice Warren Burger explained to pro-abortion attorney Sarah Weddington that by declaring “by statute that a fetus is a person for all constitutional purposes” a state could outlaw abortion. By stripping personhood from the unborn, their right to life was revoked. By returning personhood to the weak and the powerless, we can restore their dignity and right to life as human beings. It really is that simple. African slaves were denied their personhood and were therefore treated as property, bought, sold, and bred as animals. Jews were not considered full persons, so their property could be confiscated and their people eliminated. When Spanish conquistadors colonized America, many wealthy landowners fought to convince the Spanish crown that non-Christian “indians” were not legal persons and could therefore be enslaved. Personhood is the key to all human rights. That is why at the heart of the Roe v. Wade opinion is the following heartless pronouncement, written by Justice Blackmun, “the word ‘person’ … does not include the unborn.” Not once, since 1973, has the Supreme Court been challenged to reconsider Blackmun’s terrible words. With federal and judicial tyranny at its apex, we the undersigned request that our Florida legislators stand up for life in a bold and principled way. We, the undersigned urge you to support a personhood measure that recognizes that the preborn child is a person with the unalienable right to life. We, the undersigned expect you to stand up for the values of the people of Florida by no longer cowering to a federal and judicial tyranny that mandates the destruction of our morals, our families, and our posterity. We, the undersigned will hold you accountable for your action or inaction in bringing about and supporting a personhood measure, and we will vote accordingly.

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