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Adoption at the White House: Focus’ Program Recognized

From Focus on the Family:
Earlier this week, in recognition of November being national adoption month, the White House hosted a panel on the importance of adoption in our country. The panel specifically focused on the role of secular and faith-based organizations in providing homes for children who are waiting in foster care.

Focus on the Family was invited to be part of that discussion and we were pleased to do so. It was in recognition for the outstanding work our Adoption and Orphan Care team here at Focus on the Family has done through our Wait No More program. While we don’t agree with the White House on many issues, we were pleased they recognized the important work of faith-based agencies which strive to place children in homes headed by moms and dads.

Read More: http://connect.focusonthefamily.com/aprimo/OutboundMessage.aspx?O=eb11b1309222e651d5d59c63af49868d&T=b333208886639fd5&D=b9ca57b2fbe8cb42458807853387983f6a0f6be5ccdab113&M=b333208886639fd5&MSGID=a3ef7c161a531f94e49875e451b6556153096ef2ac079f63&A=170bbefdf0d4a7413dadd2fbe79c830b&I=6a651ffff191c3498210bef33b8a52f6&S=eb9024af8f127d9305559816e80fcad1



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